Below you'll find the steps to import the XML file provided by Ortec Sports.

1.  From your email, save the XML attachment to a folder on your PC.

2.  From the TeamXStream Video Library, find the game and click on it to open the video.

3.  Expand / Open the Actions menu on the right side of the page.

4.  Click the button labeled "Setup Time Periods".  This step is critical to make sure the clips line up with the video.   

If the Time Periods for the 1st and 2nd half are already in place, you can skip ahead in these instructions and resume at Step #17.  If the Time Periods are missing, continue to the next step below to create them.

--------------------------- Create the Time Periods ----------------------------------------

5.  Seek forward in the video and find the start of the 1st half (the whistle or the initial movement of the ball).  Pause the video at this exact spot.

6.  Fill in the form on the right side of the page.  When you fill in the form, For the Period name, enter "1st half".  

NOTE: Ortec does their analysis in halves, so the 1st half is Period 1, and the 2nd half is Period 2. It's not based on quarters.

7.  For the Period #, select "Period 1".

8.  Click the Green button labeled "Use Video Time".  This will populate the timecodes for minutes and seconds.

9.  Click "Save Period" to complete the setup for the 1st half.

10.  Repeat these steps for the second half.  Go forward in the video until you've reaching the beginning of the second half.

11.  For the Period name, enter "2nd half".

12.  For the Period #, select "Period 2".

13.  Click "Use Video Time" to get the exact timecode, and then click "Save Period".

15.  Once you've saved both period (1st half & 2nd half), it will look similar to the screenshot below.  You should see 2 separate time periods for the 1st and second half.  You can also use Period 3 if your game goes to overtime.

16.  Click "Return to Video".

----------------------------  Import the XML ----------------------------------------------

17.  From the Actions menu, click "Import Playlist (XML).

18.  Select the XML or use drag-and-drop to put the XML into the black area of the screen.

19.  Click "Upload 1 File".

20.  Once the file is uploaded, you will see the Playlist attached to the game.