The TeamXStream Video Instant Messenger is a new way for you to share video and collaborate with others. 

Its similar to other collaboration tools such as Slack or Telegram, but with VIM you can easily share your video directly within TeamXStream.

Within VIM, you can create a Channel and invite one or more people and share video and text.  

Ideas for how to use VIM...

  • Create a channel for your coaching staff to discuss the last game or practice video.  Post the game video and relevant clips & playlists.
  • Create a channel with one or more players to share clips, highlights, or coaching points. 
  • Post a Playlist to the channel so players can review video before/after practice.
  • Create a channel with your coaching friends to share video and ideas.
  • Use a channel to exchange film with a coach from another program. 
  • Create a channel where parents and alumni can see highlights.
  • Share video with recruiters through a channel.

How to use VIM...

  • Create a new Channel from your VIM page. 
  • Invite members to join the channel.
  • Post video (games, clips, playlists, movie projects) to the channel. 
  • Watch for new messages to come into your channels.