Below are some helpful tips for sharing video within your account and NFHCA Open Exchange

The easiest way to share video with the NFHCA Open Exchange is to select the exchange during the upload process. 

To upload video to the exchange, go to the main menu and select Add Video -> Upload Game. 

Select the game you would like to upload, click the red arrow next to the game to proceed.

If the game does not appear in the list, click Modify Schedule and add the game to your schedule.   

Update the settings for Team Sharing, and the NFHCA 2018 open exchange.  In the example below, the video will be shared with the Entire Account (all of your coaches & players) and the video will be posted to the NFHCA Open Exchange.

Select a location to upload your files.  You'll get faster uploads if you select a location near to you. 

Select which files you would like to upload.  This will typically be MOV, MP4, MPG, or MTS files.  

Click Start Upload to begin transferring the files.  Once the upload is complete, you will be sent to a different page where you can see the status of the upload and processing.    Once you've reached this step, you can close the browser.    You do not need to remain on this page during processing. 

If you have already uploaded a video and need to share it with the exchange.   Go to the video library and click on the game.     Go to the Video Menu and select Exchange.  

Change the NFHCA 2018 switch from "NO" to "Yes" and click Save Changes.

That change your Team Sharing settings.  Go back to the video menu and select Team Sharing.

To access the Open Exchange, go to the Video Library and select the NFHCA 2018 open on the right under Search Options.

If you have any questions, please reach out to use at