This article discusses the steps for synchronizing your live coding with your video.   It's a simple process if you follow the steps below. 

Step 1:  Live code the game.   The tags will be saved to TeamXStream as you go. 

Step 2:  Upload the video to TeamXStream.  Once it has been processed, you can synchronize the video with the live coding.

Step 3:  Select the video from your video library. 

Here is where it gets interesting....   

Step 4:  Go to the Video Menu and select "Import Live Edits"

Step #5:  Select the Live Coding session that corresponds to the game you coded.  Click "IMPORT".

 Step #6:  It will now display the start of each Period (1st half, 2nd half, etc) in the order they occurred.

Step #7:  Click the link "Sync to Video" link for each period starting at the top.   

Find the corresponding moment in the video.  Once you've found the correct spot, click "Set Period".  Repeat for each period. 

Step #7:   Once you've identified the start of each period, click the "Done -> Import Clips" button.

This will create a Timeline with all of your clips inside.   You can make changes to the clips and share with the rest of your team when you are ready.

If you need assistance synchronizing your live coding with the video, please email and provide details.