We've recently redesigned our Live Coding system to be easier to use, more functional, and easier to setup (no software or apps to install).  


Key Points:

  • You can use the live coding system from any web-enabled device (laptop, pc, tablet, phone, etc).  If you are looking for a device, the Amazon Fire Tablet is good, and very cost effective.
  • Live Coding is included in the Premium and Club III account.    
  • You must have wifi or a hotspot connection in order to use this live coding system.   
  • All live coding tags are saved to TeamXStream.com as you go, there is no Save button to worry about. 

To access the Live Coding system, go to the main menu in the upper left hand corner of the site, then go to Analysis, and select Live Coding.

This will open up the Live Coding Setup page.  Please review the "Live Coding Tips" we've posted on this page.

Below are a few pointers for setting up your Live Coding session.   The numbers below correspond with the numbers in the screenshot above.

  1. Enter a name for the session.  For example, it could be the name of your opponent. 
  2. (optional) Send the Live Coding link to an email address.  This is helpful if you want someone else to do the coding, or if you want to send the link directly to your tablet or other device. 
  3. Select which Code Window you would like to use for coding the game.   It can be any of your code windows.   Its best to keep it simple and not add too many buttons for coding live.
  4. Hit Save to finalize and create the live coding session.
  5. The Live Coding session has been created, and you can now access it through the TeamXStream site, or from an email link.  Click the Red Arrow to open up the code window before the game starts. 

When you open the Code Window, you will see a screen like the one below:

Prior to the start of the game, click the Start Period button.  When the the referee blows the whistle to start the period, click the OK button.

Clicking the OK button sets the tag for the beginning of the period.  You will need to do this for the beginning of each periods (quarter, half, overtime, etc).  

The Code Window will now appear and you can now begin tagging the events as you see them.  Below is a our default code window template.  Feel free to edit this code window to make it your own, or start a new one from scratch.

  1. Click the code-buttons in the code window as events occur during the game. 
  2. If your account has Player Tagging, the player names will appear in section #2.  When you tap on a player name, the player will be tagged to the most recently created event. 
  3. If you setup Button Labels in your code window, they will appear on demand.  For example, you can setup a code button called "SHOT" and button labels called "ON TARGET", "OFF TARGET", "BLOCKED", "SCORED".  
  4. The current status of your live coding is visible in section #4.   This will show you the most recent clip that was created and any labels and/or player tags that you've added. 

At the end of each period.  Go into the Settings area and click "End Period".

Repeat these steps for each period of the game.   If your sport has 4 quarters, you'll have 4 periods at the end of your coding.   If your sport has 2 halves, you'll have 2 periods at the end of your coding.

Feel free to create a Live Coding Session for testing purposes so you can get accustomed to how it behaves.  In another article, we will discuss how to synchronize your clips with the video.

If you need assistance with Live Coding, please email support@teamxstream.com and provide details.