Edit a game live using TXS-Now.

One really exiting feature of the new TXS-Now app is the ability to edit games live editing.

To access the editor select the editor button:


This takes you to this screen to input the details about your editing session:


For this example we entered in an event and description:



Choose which code window you would like to use for this editing session.  New code windows can be created on TeamXStream.com:



After making your selection the code window will be displayed.  On the upper left hand corner there is a green "start period" button.  Pressing this button will start your editing session.  It is important that you can match your editing session with the video, therefore, use a consistent marker such as the opening buzzer to begin a period to initiate your coding session.


Once you select "Start Period" a pop-up will ask you to confirm your selection:


The green button now turns red and displays "end period."  At the end of each period the suggestion is to end the editing session by pressing this button and then confirming your selection.  This will help to ensure accurate syncing with the video after the game.



At the end of the game using the  button at the top of the editor to sync your data with TeamXStream.com .


TXS-Now Importing Live Edits from TeamXStream on Vimeo.


When you access the game video on TeamXStream.com

select to import the live edits.

A list of the live editing sessions you have synced will be displayed.  Select the correct editing session.


 Then select "Mark this spot in the video" to mark the starting point of your edits.


A video screen will appear where you watch the video and then press "Found the spot, mark it!" where your edits began.


After marking the spot proceed to "Done-> Go to Clip Player."


The live editing clips have successfully imported!