This video shows you how to add, modify, or remove players from your team's TeamXStream account.


Sharing video with your players is now easier than ever. Simply add all of your players to your team's account so they can login with their own username and password.

By default, players only have the ability to watch video online through their browser, but they can be given "download" privileges upon request.

Coaches have the ability to control which videos or video clips the players can see. You can also track which videos your players are watching (and when).

Step 1: Adding Players

Go to Team Sharing from the main menu, then Users.

The next page will show you the existing players, coaches, and administrator for your team's account. You can add additional members at the top of the page.


To create a team member, simply enter their first name, last name, and email address and select the "Player" option.  To utilize the team text messaging feature be sure to also input the players' mobile phone number. Then save the new user's information. This will immediately send them an activation email (see below).

Step 2: Account Activation

Upon completion of step 2, the player will receive an email allowing them to activate their login and create their own password. Here is an example of the account activation email they will receive.


Removing Players:

When a player leaves the program, you can remove them from the Film Exchange Network. You can remove them completely (delete) or make it so they cannot login (disable).

You should go to the Team Member page (see step 1 above). You will see the existing players and cooaches accounts listed on this page. To remove a specific user, simply click the link for their email address. This will take you to a page where you can change that user's login privileges.

Permanently Delete User: This will remove the player completely.
Temporarily Disable User: This will disable the user so they cannot login.