Our support team often receives the question "how do I share clips with a player or group of players".   In this article, we discuss a good solution using our Movie Maker Projects feature. 

Many of our clients use the TeamXStream Video Editor to breakdown their games, practices, and scrimmages.  Some use third party editors, such as Gamebreaker or Sportscode, and import their data into TeamXStream for sharing purposes or for databasing the entire season.   Once these clips are created, the questions becomes "what do I want my players to see when they login".  

By default, players can see all of the clips for a particular event.  For some, this is ideal because the players can see all clips and pick and choose which clips to watch.  If you want to fine-tune what players can see, then keep reading. 

Lets start by explaining what you can do with Movie Maker Projects.   With this tool, you can create custom movies containing clips from any game.  You can pull clips into a custom movie for scouting purposes (ie. your next opponent) or highlights from the last few games.   The movie can then be shared with your entire teams, individual players, or groups of players.   

This makes the Movie Maker Project an ideal way of sharing specific clips with your team.   Simply create a Movie Maker Project for each of your players, then make the project visible to those individuals.  As the season progresses, you can continually add new clips to the project and the player would have instant access.   

Players view the projects within the Clip Navigator and can filter the clip by game.  They can see the most recent clips, or go back and review prior weeks.  

You can also take this approach to share clips with a group of players, for example "defenders".  Create a group called Defenders and assign those players to the group.  You can then create a Defenders project and share clips with all of those players.