To upload video first access the main menu dropdown.

Then select Add Video and the type of video you are uploading.


Step 1--Choose your upload type 

Upload Game

After selecting Upload Game you are directed to a page to chose the game that you are uploading.  Available selections are base on you schedule.  Here is a link with info on how to add you schedule.

Choose the game that you are uploading via the red arrow.


 Upload Practice

After selecting Upload Practice you are directed to a page to input the practice date and description.

Upload Other

After selecting Upload Other you are directed to a page to enter in the Event Date, Event Name, and Description.


Guest Uploads

Please review the instructions for Guest Uploads found here.


Step 2- Upload Settings page

After selecting the upload type and continuing you are taken to the Upload Settings page.


Select the nearest location (datacenter) where you will upload your files.   


Enter an optional description for the event.


Select which folder where the video will be stored within your account. 


If you need to remove audio, select Remove Audio.

File Merging

If you upload multiple files at the same time, they will be merged together into a large video.  This can be disabled if you want each file to be a separate record in your video library.

Auto Cut

If you are uploading multiple file, you can enable Auto Cut and the system will create a separate video clip for each file that you upload.  This is especially important for american football where each file is a separate Play.


If you are participating in an Exchange, you can select the exchange option on this page.  

Team Sharing

Select who you want to share this video with.

Once you've completed the setup, click the green Continue button.  In the example below, I've selected 3 files to send.

Click "Start Upload" to begin the file transfer.